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      Hi, I showed up to band practice last night, turned on my rig, opened up my ipad and tried to Bluetooth to the H9. I got a message that said I needed to log on to my eventide account to verify it was me before it could link. So I don't have wifi o phone access. I'm outa luck. It's never done this before. What did I do to trigger this so I can avoid it in the future? If this was a gig I would have been really bummed. I had to drive 20 mins down the road to get wifi, sign on, and cone back

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      So, if I understand correctly, you had already used H9 Control with your H9 with that iPad, and it asked you to confirm your registration again?  Had you recently upgraded H9 Control or your iPad OS?

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      Ahhhh, it all makes sense now. I had recently upgraded my ipad os. That has got to be it. Thanks!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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