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      Hi, a just bought a pigtronix dual expression pedal and i conected it to my eventide , for control some parametrers but the level change like this way: 0 (Down) -100(Middle)-0 (up).

      I want that this change be  from 0 (Down) to 100(Up) , not 0 (Down) -100(Middle)-0 (up).

      I don´t know what´s the problem, maybe could be the expression pedal buy i saw some videos about this pedal which shows the change of parametrers like this: 0 (Down) to 100(Up).


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      Eventide Staff

      This is a common problem – your pedal is wired as a volume control and expects a TRS connection, as stated in its manual. Don't know why they do this. You are probably using a mono (TS) jack.

      The solution is to use a TRS (stereo) cable.

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