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      Hi There,

      I just recently bought a Modfactor and I have a question:  I can't seem to access the presets in banks 11-20.  When I tap on the right footswitch it brings me up through banks 1 – 10 but then starts over at 1 again.  Am I missing something?  Is there something specific that I have to do differently to access the upper banks/presets?  I've read the manual and it doesn't seem to say anything special about this.  If you could give me some specific instructions on how to access the banks 11-20 in the Modfactor I'd really appreciate it.


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      Page 36 has your answer.

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      lol.  This has to be the most asked question on this forum.

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      Thanks for the help Caveman.  It was relatively straightforward one I knew where to look.  But it wouldn't surprise me that it's a frequently asked question.  The info seems pretty hidden way at the back of the manual.  I think just a one line comment/edit in the Preset section of the manual would be more helpful and easily resolve this problem.  But the MF is up and runnin on bank 11+ now!

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