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      I recently acquired a second hand PitchFactor.  When I first got it, I basically just checked to make sure it would power up and sounds would come out.  And one of the first things I did was load firmware 3.5.0beta[3] on it. Last night, I decided to get into it's functionality.  

      That's when I noticed in Diatonic, Pitch B was not functioning correctly.  If I set the Mix to Wet and Pitch Mix to A, Pitch A would product different tones.  But, if I swung Pitch Mix to B, I wouldn't hear anything.  Actually, if I turned Pitch B up to +2 octaves, I could hear a very, very slight/quiet tone (at these settings, Pitch A would be very loud, Pitch B was just about audible).  I could hear where Pitch B would react to the delay and feedback settings.

      Next I moved onto Quadravox and the same thing happened.  Pitches A and C worked correctly and pitches B and D behaved like Pitch B in the Diatonic.

      Then I went to HarModulator expecting the same thing.  In this mode, both Pitches A and B worked correctly.

      I did a factory effects presets and system settings initialize.  That did not change anything.

      First I thought I had a hardware issue.  Now I'm thinking it may be a software problem.  So this morning I installed firmware 3.0.0[19].  This appeared to make no difference.  The pedal behaves like it did with the beta firmware installed.

      Is there something that I'm missing?  A global setting perhaps?  Or is my pedal defective?

      Thanks in advance,


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      After posting the above, I tried one other thing.

      Initially, I had the output of the PitchFactor coming out of the Output 1 (mono) jack.  I took it out of Output 1 and put my cord into the Output 2 jack.  Once I did that, the Pitch B (or Pitch B and D) worked appropriately.  Pitch A (or Pitch A and C) was not happening.

      Do both pitches only work with stereo?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi leond,

      This is not normal behavior.  Both pitches should work in Mono.  You are using Input 1(mono), correct?  I can't reproduce this here, so I think there is probably something wrong with that unit.  Contact

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      I have the exact same problem, rolling back to earlier versions to see if it fixes it.  In addition to what you described ive noticed that output 2 is quieter than 1 in general.

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      Sorry for no follow up.  In my case, it was a hardware issue.  There was a problem with one of the input jacks.  I sent it in and had the jack replace.  It' worked fine after that.

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