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       Hello There!

       I just got an M-Audio Expression pedal for my TimeFactor and it (the exp. pedal) seems to be working fine.

      TimeFactor reckognises it when I rock it heel to toe and values on the display change etc. But when I try to unassign a knob, it doesn't change. I did it the way it's described in the manual – press heel down, turn a knob (let's say the Mix knob) to desired value, press toe down and turn the mix knob to the same value as I did with heel down.

      Whatever I do, TF won't reckognise the changes I made. Even if I want to change the sweep from 0%-85% to let's say 2%-10% it's always 0%-85% no matter what changes I do with the knobs to re-program the Exp. pedal.

      Any clues how to fix this? Am I doing anything wrong or is it the exp. pedal?

      I read that some people use the M-Audio M Gear exp. pedal with succes, but I can't say the same – what use is it if I can't get it to work like I want it to?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

      Thanx, D.

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      I'm sure you've resolved this by now, but I'll post this just so that others don't panic as well…

      I bought the M-Audio expression pedal as well and had the exact same problem. I fiddled around with the switch at the bottom (it should be in the 'M-Audio' position), rocked back and forth, and messed around with the potentiometer… this actually made things worse, so I simply unplugged the power from the TF, plugged it back in and that fixed everything. Rebooting is all it takes! I was then able to reassign values and sweep from 0 to 100.

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      Eventide Staff

      The TF "auto-calibrates" for the pedal, either on powerup, or whenever the pedal is plugged in.

      This means that you should power cycle or unplug/replug after making changes to the pedal, and explains what you saw.

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       As Entasis already said, I've resolved the issue by now just the way he described, but I forgot to post it since then.. 

      Thanx anyway!

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