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      Strange problem…Tonight I have stored a Preset with a 90 bpm delay time (vintage delay) in a Preset….then I have stored another Preset that I named "Reggae" with a slap back echo (same vintage delay) at 320 bpm….
      The problem is When I recall the Two Preset with my midi pedalboard (wich I use from Two years as time factor Preset recall)….now all the Preset the first and second, are at the same bpm (the last that I have stored) so both at 320 bpm….!!!
      Then I have restored The first Preset with his 90 bpm….and now both Preset at 90 bpm!!! ( the second change from 320 to 90)… there a bug in the software???….i've got the beta 3.0 from a year, and nothing problems….but now I have fear to use time factor in tour…
      Any Ideas???

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      Could it be that you have Global Tempo turned ON? This is an option in the UTILITIES menu. It keeps all presets at the last tapped tempo, similar to what you described.


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