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      James Steele

      Hi all!  My first time posting to the forum.  I'm a happy owner of a ModFactor and loving it so far.  Just one question: are some of you here successfully using an iOS device (iPad/iPhone, etc.) to backup sysex data from the ModFactor?  I'm using an iPad 2 (still on iOS 6) with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.  The MIDI Mobilizer is the original version which is not Core MIDI compliant.

      I've not been able to use Line 6's own MIDI Memo Recorder reliably.  I can capture dumps, but when I send them back into devices I get some sort of weird overflow issue.  I suspect maybe MMR can't throttle back the data rate and it overflows the buffer (since that's the error I get on my Rocktron MIDI Raider.)

      The solution for me was to use an iOS app called MIDI Toolbox which claims to not support the original MIDI Mobilizer, but I tried it out of desperation and it actually recognizes it and seems to work capturing and playing back sysex dumps as SMF (Standard MIDI Files).  The ONLY device that it seems to have a hard time with is the ModFactor.  I think only ONCE was I able to capture a bulk dump from it and then never again.

      Sorry to ramble, but can anybody recommend a good combination of portable iOS MIDI interface for doing device backups using sysex?  Is the newer version of the MIDI Mobilizer which is Core MIDI compliant reliable?  Thanks in advance! 

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      Well, one option you have is to use ModFactor with H9 Control running on your iPad as long as you have ModFactor's v5 release installed.  H9 Control can back up all of your presets for you although it doesn't do back-ups of system settings.  H9 Control looks for Factor pedals that are connected to the iPad as CoreMIDI devices.

      I personally have used this by plugging Apple's Camera Connection Kit USB Adapter thing into my iPad and connecting a Factor pedal with an M-Audio Uno I had lying around.

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      James Steele

      Hey thanks so much!  You know… as I was dozing off last night (which is usually when ideas come to me), I remembered you guys had an iPad app for the H9 and that it might work with the ModFactor since I did install the v. 5 software.  Thanks for the great suggestion! Big Smile

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