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      I've had my Pitchfactor for a month. I ran into a few problems over the past week-

      When I first started using the Diatonic effect, I would sometimes set the Mix on 100% wet so when playing, I would hear only the harmony that I have it set to…now when on 100% wet I hear the original note I'm playing and the harmony. I can't get the original note out of the mix.

      When I first started using the Pitchflex for a Whammy effect, I had the Mix set on 100% wet- I would play a note, then when I pressed the Flex Button the note would jump up an octave…now when I press the Flex Button, the note still jumps up an octave, but I still hear the original note that I played. I hear two notes instead of just the one.

      Also, I have the Tuner set to mute when I'm tuning. Sometimes it's not muted when I go into Tuner Mode. When I go into System mode to check it, it says the Tuner is set to Mute, but it's not muted. Then when I use it the next day, it IS muted.

      Also now when the Pitchfactor is in my effects loop, it sounds like a chorus effect is on…no matter what preset I'm on, even in bypass it sounds like a chorus is on the entire time.

      All of this happened at the same time about a week ago, I was using the Pitchfactor for 3 weeks prior with none of these problems. Does anyone have any idea what is happening here and how to fix it?

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      Check your System settings to see if Global: Mix is set to On. (The procedure is on page 42 of the manual; the parameter description is on page 52).

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      Thanks for the suggestion. It turned out the problem wasn't the PF, the effects loop setting on my amp must have gotten bumped and was set to run the loop in parallel. That explains why I was hearing the original signal with the harmony. I switched it back to run in series and it's fine now.

      I do hope there is a software update soon to make the tracking better for the diatonic effect, When playing duel guitar harmonies, if you play faster leads the harmony notes are kind of slurry & wobbly.

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