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      can anybody explain this to me:
      – I'm in play mode
      – I make make knob settings in one effect (e.g. digital effect, setting the filter on 100 % for high cut)
      – I switch to another effect (e.g. vintage) without making any knob changes
      – After switching back to the first (digital) effect, the filter settings do not correspond to the actual knob settings (high cut 100 %).

      Why not? And where do the settings come from when I switch back to the initial effect?
      Is there a take-over of settings from a default value? I thought that in play mode, the settings always correspond to the actual knob position.

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      Nobody can help me with this problem?

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      If you make adjustments to an effect and you don't store it as a preset, when you switch to a different fx all previous knobs settings are lost. When you go back to the previous fx factory default settings are loaded instead. Save your tweaks.


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      Eventide Staff

      I deduce that you are using a Timefactor.

      When you select an effect with the encoder knob, it loads certain default parameters to give it the desired sound.

      Because the knobs are not motorized (people already find these boxes expensive) the knob position does not correspond to the current setting. If the knob is moved, it will update the parameter.

      The previous effect settings are stored in PitchFactor (until powerdown), and will be in a future version of TimeFactor. Until then Italo is right – you have to save things you want to keep.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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