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      I would like to see a TimeFactor update that lets me assign the 3 aux switches the identical functions as the footswitches. This way I could mount the TF up on a stand for easy access and control all switching with the aux switch.

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      Eventide Staff

      You can assign the aux switches to behave as the footswitches do (almost) as described on page 32 of the User Guide.

      "Almost" refers to the fact that the Aux Switches are momentary-closure switches and so 'press and hold' isn't possible. On the unit pressing and holding the right footswitch toggles modes between Play and Bank. To accomplish this with an Aux Switch requires assigning one of the switches to this toggle function and, as a result, if you need all of Bank and Play features, you're out of luck. 

      If you need remote control of some Play and some Bank functions, you can arrange that. For example, one Aux Switch could be assigned to toggle between Play and Bank Mode and the other two Aux Switches can then be assigned to behave as the footswitches do in each mode,

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      Thanks for the reply. But I don't understand…fully

      In order to duplicate the funtion of the foot switches (except for change from bank to play) each aux switch button must be able to be assigned 3 values, 1 for bank mode, 1 for play mode, and 1 for the looper. Is this possible to do?

      Also on pg 32 I see the instructions for programming the aux switches, but amongst the parameter destinations there is no select bank preset 1 or 2. How do you select a bank preset using the aux switch?

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      I would like to post this as a suggestion for a future upgrade, however that thread rejected it as being a duplicate post. How do I get this suggestion in there?

      I would like to be able to assign each of the three auxiliary switches for bank mode, play mode, and Looper (mode), where the appropriate parameter destination will be called up based upon the Timefactor's mode. Then, provide us with the bank preset 1 and bank preset 2 parameter destinations. This way we could truly emulate the nine basic foot switch functions with the auxiliary switch.

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