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      I have 2 maxed out H9s on my board that are controlled by the Boss ES-8 looper pedal. The ES8 has midi out; using two Disaster Area right angle midi cables, I am going to the midi in on H9 #1 – midi out to the H9 #2. I am using the mapping on the ES8 to send the PC messages to the H9s. H9-1 is on midi ch 1, H9-2 is on midi ch 2. 

      Everything works great, most of the time. But occasionally H9-2 will not switch to the mapped preset. It will land on a seemingly random patch. If I swap to another preset on the ES8 and flip back, it will land on the correct patch. 

      It is pretty frustrating to have spent all the time programming patches, only to have that one H9 not go where I want it to. I would love to get some ideas.


      Note: I have not tried this setup with other midi cables at this point. 



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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure you are using the latest software – it has improvements to THRU operation.

      Don't use THRU+C or MERGE with very heavy MIDI operation.


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      I believe I am up to date, but I will double check. I assume both H9s should be set to the same Midi setting?  I will do some testing and let you know how it works.

      All midi settings are Global, and not patch to patch, as I understand it.


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      Make sure that the last h9 in the chain is the first to recieve PC messages. I had a similar issue and this resolved it for me.

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