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      Is there a way to shut off receive map program change globally.  Instead of having to go to each PC receive # and set destination to off.  I know you can turn of program change transmit but I don't see it for receive. Pitchfactor.

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      I found an easier way but still a pain.  Saved every preset in bypass mode.  So when pitchfactor gets midi PC message it goes to a preset but in bypass.

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      you can set the midi Receive channel [RCV CH]  to Off. I'm guessing you still want to use midi CC

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      Yes I want to send MIDI clock to Pitchfactor but not PC message. I have MIDI controller send clock and PC to Timeline.  MIDI through on Timeline to Pictchfactor.  So I just saved presets of PItchfactor in bypass.  It was a bit easier then changing the map in MIDI setup of Pitchfactor.

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      Happy to hear that you've solved it, but I still feel like I'm missing something here.

      MIDI clock is (MIDI-) Channel independent.  One clock controls over any/all MIDI Channels.  Program Changes are per-MIDI Channel.  To an outside observer, it seems like you could have your MIDI controller send (and the Timeline receive) on one specific MIDI channel.  Then have the PitchFactor receive (nothing, really) on another MIDI Channel.

      As I said, I may very well be missing something here.

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      No, you are probably spot on.  I am not the versed in MIDI and know enough to be dangerous :).  So if I set Pitchfactor to receive on MIDI channel 2 and set timeline to receive on channel 1, only the Timeline would get PC messages but both would get clock info.



Viewing 5 reply threads
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