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      Phil Sznyck

      I’ve got a free programmable midi pedal and the following idea: I have my effects at the H9 sorted like eg reverb stuff from 1 to 20, octaver stuff from 21 to 40 and so on. I want to be able to jump to preset 20 using program change 2, to 41 using program change 4 and so on. Then use preset increment or decrement with command changes for the desired preset. So program change would only mean “jump to section of similar effects”. And the selection of the preset of this type occurs using CCs. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the option to only select and not activate a preset with program changes, as it is possible with the command changes, and this makes my idea impossible, cause even bypassing the effect first will not help, cause the program change commands will always activate the preset. Is there no such option? This would certainly be a huge step forward regarding live playability for people who like to improvise on stage, like me. It doesn’t make sense to me to have a certain sequence of effects and I only step forward on my preset list to get to the next preset according to my playlist, cause I don’t use playlists. I’ve got 99 effects stored on the pedal and I want to access them as quick as possible, and activate only the desired one, without having stuff activated that I don’t want to use in that moment. I thought that’s only a matter of coding. if it’s actually possible right now and I just couldn’t find it, please give me a hint!

      Greetings from Bremen, Germany!


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      Eventide Staff

      MIDI PC is supposed to work in that way. When any audio device gets a MIDI PC message, it loads a program/preset. You can already change the MIDI PC mappings to the way you like (eg. PC1 to load preset 10, PC2 to load preset 20). You can send another MIDI CC message to bypass the preset, or just save the preset as bypassed on your pedal, so when you load this preset it will be bypassed.

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      Phil- you can make a custom MIDI controller with this capability, if you are really dying for it. I made one the other week.

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