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      Hey there

      I recently acquired both a timefactor and a modfactor, my main motivation being that I could sync them to MIDI clock. Of course they're also great aside from that. To keep me from having to to the tap-dance during certain songs I'm also considering getting a programmable true bypass looper with MIDI capabilities with which I can also select presets from my Eventide pedals. 

      The cheapest on that I could find that has all the features that I need is from G-Lab:

      Of course I'd also need a MIDI combiner, so that the factors can receive the program change commands and MIDI-clock info at the same time I'd need a MIDI combiner:

      Does anyone have any experience with these products in combination with Eventide pedals? Or are there any other loopers that people here have successfully used with they're factor pedals?

      Thanks and Cheers, Pascal

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      I think you mean a midi splitter so you wouldn't have to daisy chain the midi inputs together. I have a Quadra-thru for the Factor pedals to receive Midi clock CC and PC messages and works flawlessly. I'm not sure if you plan to keep them in a loop or that feature is for other pedals cuz it's not necessary if you have midi.

      I had a true-bypass looper but couldn't find a product that had enough loops and midi for a good price. i would always recommend trying a wet-dry rig if possible.

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