purchased algo’s still mine after selling “Max’ed” regular H9?

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      I owned a regular H9, bought enough algo’s to make it a Max when that option became available. Then I sold it and the Core I had also bought.


      So now I have no H9. If I buy another H9 regular or Core version do I still get to download the individual purchased algo’s that appear to be in my iTunes account? I’m pretty sure I dont get to use them to create another ‘Max’ but do I get to make use of them in another H9 since they became part of the H9 Max I created and sold?

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      Yes, that's the way that iTunes in app purchases work.  Once you buy something it stays in your account, and if you get a new H9, you'll be able to use all of your purchased algorithms on it.

      And yes, you are also correct that those algorithms no longer can be used to Max out an H9.  You can only Max out once.

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