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      So I purchased the TF Digital Dlay Algo, was routed through a few Apple AppmStore security check  points, but I finally completed the purchase (Pypal shows the charge) my H9 Control APP still does not how the purchase… The Algo is grey'd out.  Only option is to try it or purchase, but like I said I already paid for it.  

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      I'm sorry to hear about that problem.  I checked your Eventide account and it doesn't look like the transaction made it to our server for whatever reason, but in any case there is any easy solution.  Click the Settings button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, go to Restore Purchases and click the restore purchases button.  That will cause the app to ask iTunes Connect for a list of all the transactions that have been made.  It will resend them all to the Eventide server to be processed, and it will unlock all of the associated algorithms.

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      Awesome, I'll try that tonite.


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