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      Sorry for another thread about this…so as a Canadian I can purchase these through Amazon which is the host retailer on the H9 control…for 19.95US w/no tax ? and there's also the option of purchasing through Itunes, is that now 22.99Can plus tax or is that 22.99US plus tax..a little confused, sure would be nice to be able to purchase these directly from Eventide, but I understand the model…I'm also assuming the purchase is locked to the H9 Control registration and not the ser# of the H9, to explain the non migration of the purchased algo's to a 2nd owner ? What about the credit card used to purchase the Algo's does it have to be in the same name as the registered H9 owner and or the H9 control register, just wonder if thats an issue, for example say if someone wants to gift the upgrade…sorry for the length of this..

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      Well, when I've purchased things recently from Apple, they've added tax on top of the price. I don't know whether they do that in Canada or not.  In the U.S. the rules have always been that you have to charge tax in a particular state if you have a physical presence there. I have no idea what the rules are in Canada.

      Amazon is different in that they're only doing payment processing, and they don't add tax onto the transactions. Eventide doesn't know or care about what name is on the credit card used to pay for something. The only thing we keep track of is what Eventide user name the purchase should be deposited to.

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      Regarding the Canadian purchase – it will be 22.95 CAD plus tax (in Ontario 13%)

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      So thats through Itunes…22.95 Can plus tax…thanks for the info gkellum….looks like the 19.95 US w/no tax through Amazon is the way to go….

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      Yes, I purchased one Algo through Amazon on Jan 11th  and paid @ $19.99US, it came out to $24.35 CAD. Instead of paying $22.99 CAD + 13% Taxes (Ontario) via iTunes, you will save roughly $1.50 CAD/per depending on the day of the currency exchange rate.

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