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      Thank you very much in advance; I’m trying to purchase the “elec12string” algorithim from H9Max under pitch factor, harmodulator. I cannot seem to find how to do this.  I am not seeing anything that I can only purchase H9 Harmonizer -based algorithims,though when I open up the H9 control panel, then store, I only see Harmonizer effects… not all the available effects


      (lastly, when opening store, I am getting an error messahe that user name and password do not match- even though I have reset password and can open this forum).


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      Eventide Staff

      Your problem may be that "Elec12string" is a preset, not an algorithm. To get it, you need the "Harmodulator" algorithm. Then you can download its presets with H9Control.

      For help with your password problem, you should contact support@eventide.com


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