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      Hey, I just started experimenting with Quadravox and I noticed something that seems wrong. For example, if I harmonize in fourth (set with the major scale), I will get a triton at the fourth note. This is incorrect, it should be the seventh note of the scale. It seems this error is present everywhere with other scale. What’s your opinion about this?

      Bonus question: is it possible to bypass the scale thing? (for example, if I want to use it to harmonize a part in minor thirds only regardless of the “right” harmony)

      Edit: nevermind, I had a blind spot and I forgot the fourth degree had a 4# (lydian mode). Still I’d like to know about harmonizing outside the scale.

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      Yes, you can get harmonies that are not quantized by adjusting the cents parameters for a given voice rather than setting the interval. For example, raising a voice by 300 cents will give you a fixed minor third that will not be quantized to the scale setting. 

      Page 5 of the user manual has a cents-to interval conversion chart: https://downloads.eventide.com/audio/manuals/plug-ins/Quadravox+User+Guide.pdf


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