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      Quadravox is already capable of creating harmonizations diatonic to a given key.

      I would like to be able to define how those harmonies are made on a note-by-note manner within a key.

      For example:


      IF the key is F Lydian

      THEN I’d like to be able to define specifically what notes harmonize with each note in the key as they occur.

      For :      F  –  G  –  A  –  B  –  C  –  D  –  E

      Then:   C  –  D  –  E  –  F  –  G  –  A  –  B

                   G  –  A  –  B  –  C  –  D  –  F  –  F


      This is a series for stacked fourths defined by Lydian Chromatic best practices.  Note that the stacking under “D” differs in that the bottom interval is a 3rd rather than a 4th.

      If Quadravox had the ability to define what the harmony notes would be on a “per degree in the scale” basis, that would make it the ONLY harmonization engine able to execute scenarios like the above example.


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      While studying music at St. Francis Xavier University, there were excercises in 3rd year Jazz Theory to make arrangements in the style of particular big band artists.

      It was possible to listen to their work and find patterns in how these composers would harmonize with given lead melody notes throughout a key, making it possible to emulate their style.

      The above proposed kind of control would also make it possible to program in presets that emulate these artists.  It simply isn’t possible to do with static assignments moving linearly through a key, but the above would overcome this.

      Thank you for considering this feature request.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Vagenda-

      I agree, this would be a really cool feature. I don't think we'll be able to integrate it into Quadravox, but possibly in a future product with user defined scales and intervals for each note in the scale.


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