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      Quick question. I might be totally wrong here but I seem to remember in protools having a piano grid where I could visually place the note of the harmonization AND set a delay time for each note. I can't find that functionality in the H9 app. Am I wrong about it or just missing it? Thank you……

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      You must be referring to the Quadravox TDM plugin…  Yes, that has a note staff, and no, that user interface isn't in H9 Control… There are some technical reasons for that related to the current cap on the number of parameters that an H9 can store in its preset format…  I would like for us to add that sort of a user interface element in the future…  It would make it a lot more intuitive and powerful…  But in any case that's not available at the moment…

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      You may be thinking of the Resonator algorithm:

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      Yes, it was the TDM version I was referring to. And I found that functionality i the resonator program in H9 Control as posted above and wondered why it wasn't in quadravox. Ye, it would be great to have, so much more intuitive and easy to program. I really miss it and hope it can be implemented in the future. Having said that, the H9 is a MASTERPIECE and is allowing me to get 90% of the functionality of a huge pedal board and a rack system down to 8 pedals and that's amazing. Thank you. 

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