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      Pardon me if some variation of this has been discussed before. I searched around a bit, but there's SO much to sort through.

      I have a very "dumb" MIDI controller (Only transmits the program changes of 1 – 9, not programable) which goes into/through a pair of eventide stomp boxes, which then goes into a very "dumb" MIDI pedal (Only has 16 presets. MIDI PC 1-16 correspond to presets 1-16 in active mode, while MIDI PC are 17-32 presets 1-16 in bypassed mode.)

      Basically, my 9-button midi controller is not smart enough to control my not-so-smart, 16-preset pedal, so I had hoped to use the Eventide's MIDI transmit map to translate between the devices. However, if I understand correctly, all the Eventide xxxxFactors only transmit when the foot switch is physically engaged, not when changed by MIDI.

      What I'd really like is for the pedal to read a program change, switch to the preset mapped to that program change, and then, regardless of whether it's switched by foot or by MIDI, read the transmit map, and send a new MIDI program change corresponding to that map. Basically, a program change "translator." Maybe this could be a setting that is off by default… i.e. "MIDI > TRANSLATE > OFF/ON"

      I understand that this is not how it works right now. I guess I'm curious about the rationale behind not allowing it to work this way is. It's not that it hasn't been thought of because the manual specifically states it doesn't work this way. My question is… why not work this way? Is there some complication technologically that makes this not possible? Is it just not a feature asked for enough to warrant the time? If neither of these is the case, I'd really appreciate the feature.

      Thanks for listening.

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      I think you can do what you want with the current features. The MIDI "Thru" option on the Factor pedals simply passes the messages from your MIDI controller through to the next MIDI device connected. So why not set the RCV MAP of each Eventide pedal to call up the Preset that you want when it receives a program change of 1-9 from your controller? 

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      Perhaps my last message was not clear enough. The MIDI controller works great with my Eventide pedals thanks to their midi mapping. The problem is that the MIDI controller alone will not work with the next pedal in the chain because that pedal does not have MIDI mapping capability. Button 1 will always call up preset one on that pedal, which is kind of pointless. Sometimes I want button 1 to call up preset 10 or button 2 to call up preset 6. My hope was that by outing the Eventide between them, hitting button 1 on the controller might call up bank four preset two on the Eventide, which in turn would be mapped to transmit another arbitrary program change of my choosing to the following pedal. it seems like they intentionally designed the MIDI capabilities to not work like this, and i was just wondering why. However if anyone has any suggestions having read my situation I'm open.

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      A shorter one sentence explanation would be this: I want the Eventide to receive an arbitrary program change message (it does this) translate that to an arbitrary bank/prest via the MIDI receive map (it does this) and transmit another entirely new and arbitrary program change message to the output via the transmit map (it does not do this.)

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