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      I have  a question which is probably easy to answer, but which I can not solve.

      I want to select a certain preset on my TimeFactor, based on a midi program change which it receives. I do not know how.

      I use a GigRig G2. When I select a certain preset on the G2, a midi program change signal is send to the TimeFactor and the TimeFactor switches to a certain preset on the TimeFactor. However, I want the TimeFactor to switch to another TF preset. How can I get this done? How can I determine that if the TF receives program change 4, it has to select preset 2:1?

      Thanks for your help!


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      LA Keys

      There's 2 ways to do that:

      On the TimeFactor you will have to create a midi program change map (RCV MAP) . This is explained in the manual page 49. This could also be done via the H9 control software.

      Or you can simply make the GigRig G2 to send the appropriate Program change. I don't have access to the manual but this certainly could be done as it is a basic feature for a controller.


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      Hi, thanks for your help. I will go and try the mapping facility on the TimeFactor and let you know the outcome. Best regards, Ed

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      Ok, I did some testing and solved my problem. I found that I have to enter the Systems Menu, go to MIDI, go to RCV MAP. Here I can link midi program changes with presets on the TimeFactor. So problem solved, thanks or tour help.

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