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      I have been playing with midi mapping some Program Changes from the H9 to the Line 6 m5. 

      I can get everything to work correctly and load a Program Change if (and only if) I scroll the H9 presets on the H9 itself and activate the preset with the bypass button. (as stated in the manual)

      I cannot get a program change command to send if I activate the H9 preset from an incoming Program Change on an external midi controller. The manual is also clear about the following Note

      "When an H9 Preset is recalled with a MIDI program change message, MIDI Program Change messages are not generated. "

      I just was curious as to why a PC change is not generated? Could this be implemented at all?

      Thank you

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      Eventide Staff


      Could this be implemented at all?

      Obviously, anything is possible. Our thought was that having the unit receive a program change and then send one would be too confusing – we would expect the sender to also send to whatever was downstream.

      But, given the MIDI merge issues in a multi-pedal situation, we may have been wrong. We are discussing these issues among ourselves at present.

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        nickrose wrote:

        … we would expect the sender to also send to whatever was downstream… 

        That’s great if you have the option to send as many program changes as you need. My looper/switcher can send two PC messages only. I have an H9 and a TimeFactor on my pedalboard but I also switch channels on my Marshall JVM410H via MIDI. Being able to receive a PC on the H9 and send one to the TimeFactor (if needed) would be great and will rid me from the necessity to buy a separate MIDI mapper device such as the Molten Voltage Osmosis. 

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      Cool.  I definitely understand that it can get confusing.  The beauty of the H9's midi mapping capabilities in my eyes is that I can set the Midi channel the H9 receives on and then set the midi channel that it transmits on to the m5.  (The m5 can be set to receive specific midi channels)  Thus eliminating any cross-talk/confusion in the midi pipeline.  

      I can achieve this by buying another piece of midi gear for another $150 and putting in line between the two pedals which will let me basically map the m5, to any h9 preset. (but not limit me to only 25 presets via the m5) I was just hoping the H9 could do it, and it can, just not with the program change activating the preset.  

      I appreciate your input and timely response.  If something like this is indeed decided upon in the future, please let me know.  I would love to help beta test too if needed.  

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      Is anyone from Eventide going to take the time to elaborate?

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