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      Hi to all,

      I just got a Timefactor. Great! I played a litlle with the presets (don't know which version was stored). When I updated it to, I had the choice to install release 2.4.2 which I did.

      1. I re-loaded in the TF the presets from the backup I made before upgrading. Now, when I play some nice preset I noticed (I guess it's 11:1) the sound is not the same as it was. It added some noisy effect. Is it normal?

      2. Is there a way to know which settings (particularly delay times) are set in a preset before changing them?

      3. Are there some nice user's presets been already uploaded on your site?

      Tks in advance and sorry for my english (I'm french)


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      For your second question : There's a useful function called Catchup, to know the value of any pot (and thus the delay time in your case). Check out the manual, page 20.

      If you're not comfortable with english, you can come to the Eventide maiing forum on, there's a bunch of TF users there.

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      Thanks Grozoeil 😉

      I'll have a look at the audiofanzine forum…

      By the way, 2 things :

      After having upgraded to 2.4.2, presets 21 to 50 are still empty. Wasn't I supposed to get them filled with new presets?

      Also, I went to your myspace… Nice! I do love the Chapman stick sound!

      All the best.


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      Thanks, I should record some new things, these tracks are very old and don't feature the TimeFactor… Embarrassed

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      Eventide Staff


      After having upgraded to 2.4.2, presets 21 to 50 are still empty.

      You have to change the number of Banks to see all the new presets. See the many previous posts about this issue, as well as the User Manual.

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