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      “Hello dear forum members,

      I am strongly tempted to buy the H90 effects pedal soon. It would be my first Eventide product. Unlike many here, I don’t intend to use the H90 for guitar but rather for synthesizers and as an outboard effect for my DAW.

      Ever since I started making music, I have had a love for hardware. I find it more creatively inspiring than software plugins. Besides using the H90 for its many interesting effects, I also want to use it as a standard reverb effect.

      On the internet, I often come across discussions about the Vintage Reverb 2016 and the two creative reverbs, “Blackhole” and “Wormhole.” However, I’m curious about the other algorithms such as “Dualverb,” “Hall,” and “Room.” Are these also of such high studio quality that they can confidently be used as standard reverb effects in the studio?

      Who else uses the H90 in conjunction with a DAW? Can anyone share their thoughts on the reverb effects?

      Does Eventide have any plans to develop a control plugin for DAWs in the future? Currently, there is only a standalone version available, which is unfortunate

      Since my English isn’t particularly great, I asked Chat-GPT to help with the translation.” 😅


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      Hey there,

      I’ve used the H9 in a studio setting (had two of them permanently wired into my mix rig until I got the H9000) and use the H90 in that way too. I generally had it wired as two stereo engines, usually one for vocal delays/special effects and the second as a reverb. Hall & Plate I’ve had hit or miss luck with in mixing. Sometimes they blend in perfectly and others I’ll use a different option but DualVerb, the 2016 & Spring all get a lot of use (as well as Blackhole, Wormhole & Ultratap). I find they tend to work better in cases where you’re not trying to make an orchestral hall (I tend to lean on Seventh Heaven and the Lexicon PCM or Inspirata in those cases) but they do have a really nice tone to them.

      The control app makes it easy to run from the computer and store presets in your DAW folder, a plugin would be great and hopefully comes eventually but toggling between the two isn’t too much hassle.

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        Thank you very much for your response! It was still very helpful, and I actually purchased the H90 a few days ago. It’s truly a fantastic and inspiring device. Some presets may be a bit exaggerated, of course, but the wow factor kicked in immediately for me. I didn’t even expect it to be this brilliant. I hope the joy lasts long, and I remain as fascinated as I am now even after some time. I actually find the reverb algorithm ‘Hall’ to be really beautiful.

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