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      I’m new to the H9 (Max) world and i’m currently enjoying it quite a bit. With that being said, the CrunchStation and Hotsawz are incredibly quiet compared to everything else within the pedal. I have tried in my pedalboard and straight into the pedal, but they’re both still very quiet when compared to say PitchFactor or anything else. Kinda frustrating… using a Rickenbacker 360, no active pickups or anything crazy. Anybody have any tips as to why this would happen? I guess I could go and just raise the gain on these settings, but that seems kinda weird since everything else sounds rad untouched. Any help would be greatly apprecitaed, thanks in advance

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      I heard from another H9 user that he had tracking problems with HotSawz and he then factory resetted the H9. This helped him. 

      Maybe you should try the same?


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      Thanks for the response! I’ll give that a shot

Viewing 2 reply threads
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