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      As a regular participant in many gear forums, I’ve put the question out there about the need for a new, state-of-the-art rack format multi-effect unit.  Maybe something along the lines of an Eclipse, but aimed mostly toward the guitar community, as were the t.c. electronic G Major 2, and the Lexicon MPX G2.

      I can say with reasonable certainty there’s interest, even with the deluge of pedals, software amp simulators, and modellers available.

      Some people have said they’d welcome a rack version of the H90.  Many of us believe Eventide remains the crown jewel of quality effects, but that we need something in addition to the stomp box format to get this quality.

      Would very much like to hear thoughts about this!




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      Amen.  I would LOVE a true successor to the Eclipse.

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      Can the moderator of this forum remove the nonsense posts by ptester100?

      Thank you.


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