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      On december I bought this pedal. Before I was using a Line6 DL4 that is a very good stompbox, especially for the looper section.

      I'm quite satisfied in the Timefactor, but the looper mode presents a strange problem… when I record a loop and start it my sound goes down for almost 50% of general volume and if I play on the recorded sample my live sound is lowered too. Did you notice the same thing?

      I wrote the support and thay said that "This has been isolated and we hope to have this fix included in the full release of the 2.0 version due shortly. What we have currently released is a public beta version and the fix is not currently in this version". 


      PS for admins:
      when the 2.0 software will be officially released?

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      Hello Cosmorama,

      We expect to release the full version of 2.0 at the end of February.

      Best Regards,

      D. Rooney
      Audio Support Technician
      Eventide Inc.

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