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      A number of our Factor customers have reported problems upgrading their units. We have looked into their reports, and find that there are a number of causes for this. Happily, the problems that affect the greatest number of people have recognizable workarounds, although we are also working on fixing the underlying issues. We list below the identified problems along with the workarounds:

      Problem 1
      The Update Utility crashes after the user agrees to its terms but before downloading the update file.
      Log into the Eventide Website and change your password to one using only alphanumeric characters a-z A-Z 0-9 and then restart. The link to change your password is at the top right of the Forum page.

      Problem 2
      For some reason the update fails and prompts the user to reboot and try again, but the pedal crashes on restart  and all further attempts to update fail before starting.
      Manually reboot the pedal into update mode before continuing (hold down center key at powerup).

      Problem 3
      The update utility crashes at launch if a Factor pedal is plugged in, but not otherwise.
      Retry the update with a different computer,  if available.

      Problem 4
      The update utility loads, but does not recognize the connected Factor pedal.
      If the pedal software supports MIDIclock out, make sure it is turned off (CLK OUT = OFF).  If it was on, power cycle the unit.

      Disconnect any other USB devices. Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in at both ends and that the computer is powered up before powering up the Factor pedal.
      If this fails, first try a different USB cable, and if necessary and possible, retry the update with a different computer .

      Problem 5
      The update utility loads, recognizes the Factor pedal, downloads the update file, and begins the update, however the update routinely fails part way through.
      Close ALL other applications and restart the update. Make sure power save settings aren't causing your computer to go to sleep during the  update process.  If this is unsuccessful, you may need to try a different computer.

      Other problems
      There have been reports that the Update Utility does not work well with Snow Leopard, although we have not noted any problems in our internal testing – it may be worth trying a computer or a dual boot setup using an older OS.
      The Update Utility should only be used with a direct USB connection rather than some other MIDI interface.

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