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      In application H9 I can rule all commands to knobs of Space Pedal, device connected to macbook by usb.

      I turn knobs at the pedal, movements of knobs repeated in editor of pedal.. Ok.. CC from knobs work fine!

      Go to Reason. Have few synths. Usually record synths by usb or midi interface as movements of knobs on synths board, this CC commands coming to EMI (Midi External Device) at Recording as new sub-tracks into EMI sequencer track..

      BUT: with Eventide space, now I can only create new line in EMI track for concrete CC, create manualy CC knob movement from EMI, and its normal coming to pedal… Pedal seen CC incoming.. But..

      When I move any knob at pedal, and in Reason press “record”, no any changes, EMI midi track in sequencer not write CC..

      So. I add my SpacePedal to Control Surfaces.. Other synths I add also this way. When I add new control surface – set “Learn”, move pedal knobs – and device finded as SpacePedal. Ok. Reason find pedal.


      Next: come to EMI track. Crete by mouse maually automation of outcoming CC26 from Reason to Space pedal:

      Pedal recieve this CC command, all fine. I can see changes at Pedal screen and also at H9 Control center.


      BUT: Nothing change when try record knobs movements from pedal. Try set pedal knob movement to EMI CC Knob… Click “Edit Remote Override mappings”, click “Learn” – Reason not find Space Pedal there…


      So. Into Control surfaces Reason find SPacePedal by LEARN, but in Edit Remote Override of CC knob of EMI – not find it..

      Into pedal settings try all variations of Midi output (merge/etc..), omni/1-16 port.. nothing help..

      Not understand why EMI device not listen CC commands from usb port SpacePedal and can’t find it at Edit Remote override..

      At this moment I can only add SpacePedal as controoler, but Reason cant listen CC from Pedal knobs..

      ps: already try to add pedal as Advanced midi to A, and route it to EMI.. Not help.


      At this cheme I work few years with few synths, where any knobs movements on synths board writed to EMI.. and also can be used as “Edit Remote Override” to EMI CC knob..


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      resolved it: CTL XMT = On

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