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      Just trying to update my Pitchfactor so i installed the Eventide Device Manager, fired up the Pitchfactor in update mode ( centre switch pressed upon power up, right ?..) EDM shows 2 files, selected the file to update, it went through it’s erase/write cycle then EDM tells me to reboot the pedal.

      I looked up how to do this EVERYWHERE online after re reading my user manual ( no mention how here…) and… no, can’t find how to do it so now my H9 Control app can’t access my pedal anymore.

      Can anyone help ? Many thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      Rebooting the pedal means to just power cycle the pedal – turn off, then on again. Are you still running into problems?

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      I’m also having trouble updating my Pitchfactor.


      Using Device Manager, the update breaks at 90%. And now the pedal doesn’t work the effects “H910/H494″, Harpeggiator” and “Synthonizer”.


      I’ve tried several times, with win 10, win 11, Direct Update Software, different computers, cables, it always gives the same error…


      How to solve the problem?



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