Recording stereo with mono setup and 2 takes?

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      Hi guys,

      I love my pitchfactor and want to use it to its full potential in a stereo. I unfortunately do not have a stereo rig =( but I had this idea in my head:

      1) Record 1 take with the pitchfactor sending L Mono out

      2) Record 2nd take with pitchfactor sending R Mono out by switching that out cable from 1) that was in L Mono out to R Mono out

      Then I would mix and pan it accordingly in the DAW. Would this work? Or do the Eventides have some logic to send a different signal if only 1 out cable is connected? If so, then I might need dummy plug on the complement out jack.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi OhSoInsane,

      Most of the algorithms do have some logic built in to them to change the stereo sends based on what's plugged in.  If you take this approach, the "dummy" plug idea should work. 


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