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      I’ve had my H90 for several months. It’s used for keyboards. A friend who is a guitarist (never uses keyboards) wanted to try mine before maybe buying his own. I thought ‘sure’, just take this one and try for as long as you wish. Then realised that I’d have to de-register the pedal in order for him to register it to download the various software (maybe the manual, certainly the H90 Control), then he’d have to de-register it to give back to me and I’d be trying to RE-register it… well, you get the idea. My question is: Is this possible? All this registering, de-registering? Or is there a limit to the times this can be done. Will it cause a problem? Thanks for any help with this. And Thank You for a fantastic pedal.

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      There’s no issues or limits with de-registering/re-registering the pedal multiple times. You shouldn’t have any issues with this using your Eventide account. Let us know if you run into any issues. Glad to hear you are enjoying the pedal!

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      Thank you tbskoglund for your reply. I’ll de-register my H90 and let him borrow it. (Although, now I’m wondering how long I can bear to be without it 🙂

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