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      Can you tell me a little bit about how these are linked? I made some setting changes (midi cc mapping stuff) on my iPad earlier today and then just fired up the desktop version for the first time. When I went into the settings menu I found that my midi mapping was gone – on the H9 pedal as well. That surprised me. Then I put the mappings back on the pedal and reconnected desktop H9 control. Now everything is off by 1 setting. To be clear: I programmed the pedal so that PC 100 = bypass and PC 101 = activate. Now desktop H9 says PC 100 = load preset 100, PC 101 = Byp and PC 102 = ACT. what's up with this? How are the 3 — the pedal, the iOS device and the desktop supposed to interact?

      Also, I take it that when you have the H9 connected to desktop control via mini usb, you can't use the regular midi jack to get midi control from elsewhere?

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      We're going to have to look into the problems you're having with the program changes.


      Also, I take it that when you have the H9 connected to desktop control via mini usb, you can't use the regular midi jack to get midi control from elsewhere?

      Right, the mini usb and the midi jacks are feeding into the same thing.  

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey zwolf,

      We're pretty sure there's an issue with H9 Control at the moment, where program change mappings  are off by 1.  

      So in H9 Control, Program Change 1 is mistakenly corresponding to MIDI program change 0. Program Change 2 corresponds to MIDI program change 1, etc.   

      This also means, that programing a change from the H9 pedal itself would look wrong in H9 Control.  Assigning MIDI program change 5 to load Preset 5 on the H9, would register as Program Change 6 loading Preset 5 in the H9 Control app.

      I hope this makes sense.  We're working on resolving the issue!

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      thanks for the follow up, with that info I'll work around it while you guys update H9 control.

      Tell me though, how are the different versions of H9 control (iOS and desktop) supposed to interact with the pedal – are they integrated? So if for instance I had never mapped any midi program change in either version of H9 control but do so on the pedal, should I then see that change reflected in the iOS H9 control upon connecting via bluetooth? And the same when I hook up to desktop via mini usb?

      It seems it should be that way but isn't? Yesterday I did my mappings on the iPad and saw the changes reflected on the pedal, no problem (and they weren't off by 1 either). Then later in the day I fired up desktop control for the first time just to check it out and there were no midi mapping at all outside of the factor set ones. And then when I put mine back I noticed this off by 1 thing.

      If you wouldn't mind taking a second to explain how it's all supposed to integrate, I'd really appreciate it.

      Thank you. LOVE this pedal!

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      H9 Control both on iOS and the desktop doesn't save any information about the state of the pedals locally.  When you open up H9 Control on iOS or the desktop and go to MIDI program change mappings for example, it asks the H9 for information about its MIDI program change mappings and it shows you what it received from the H9.  That's why sometimes a spinning wheel pops up briefly when you go into a new settings page;  it's still waiting on a response from the H9. So, if you change anything on the H9 directly or on the app on one platform, you should see your changes in the app on another platform.

      There are a couple of possible explanations for the behavior you were describing.  One, possibility is when H9 Control is launched and no device is connected, it goes into demo mode, and then, the values it shows you are dummy values because it's talking to a mock H9.  So, it could be that you were in demo mode one of those times;  in the titlebar of the app, it will tell you if it's in demo mode or is connected to an H9.  Another possibility is that your changes weren't saving for some reason.  We have seen that happen sporadically when editing values directly on the H9 in its setting menu;  I can't recall ever seeing that happen when using the app, but let me know if you think that's what might have happened.

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