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      Hi there!

      I just got an RJM PBC/6X and am redoing a bunch of mappings in advance of assembling a downsized board. Because of the board’s smaller size, I don’t have room for external tap tempo switch and am looking to use one of my two H9s’ Tap switches as a tap tempo. While I don’t recall ever remapping it per se, it seems like no matter what I try with settings, Tap only ever increments the preset. I’ve ensured there’s no external mappings set, but the problem persists even when I switch the pedal into tempo mode. Any guidance would be super appreciated– I wanted to check here first before I do a full system settings reset. Thanks so much in advance!

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      Hold the right footswitch pressed for two seconds. That switches its functionality from preset search mode to tap tempo mode. You know the switch is for tapping when the LED blinks to the tempo.

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