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      I use my time factor in the studio and would love to be able to edit my timefactor from my mac. Anyone got an idea how to go about and do that? I know you can control the settings of the time factor via midi….naively i tough the librarian editor would do more than just rename and organize the presets.

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      Are you using 1.8 of Factorlib??

      not sure about previous ones, but in 1.8 you can right click on the preset (Cmd + Click?) on preset and get up a graphical impression of the knobs on your screen and seemingly you can tweak away in the way you are talking about.

      As I say it might not have been in the previous Factorlib, if it was I missed it too and only noticed it the other day when I was trying 1.8 out.

      give it a go.


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       I had to turn catchup to off to use the editor console.  I guess I would just turn catchup back on after I was done editing presets and was ready to play.

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      Thanks i found it. This will be helpfull!  Do you  the names for the controls appear for you? I have unknown control 1, unknown control 2…at least they are  positioned as on the timefactor.

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