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      I was having some fun playing Misha with a USB keyboard before I left for travels and thinking about how you (Mr Samchlllian) see the instrument vs how I want to bend Misha to work in a way that’s more drum/rhythmically oriented.

      So my main question is: how do you play a note twice in samchillian mode?    You play the interval and then the 0 key?   That would be awkward with drum pads.

      What if a footpedal (or some means) sent a cc that made the interval keys stick to the note they’ll play and let you replay it over and over?   Then you could toggle between intervals moving the root or staying put.

      What I’m after, for triggering Misha from my edrums, are ways to get more single note repetition and not just cycle through scales.  In this way I could hit a pad and play a drum roll on the same note.

      Extending that, one could program 3 drum pads to be say:  0, +3, +5 and play a 1/3/5 chord but allow me to keep playing that chord for as long as I want.  Then a 4th pad, or by releasing a foot pedal, one might then move up/down Misha’s scale to the next interval and jam on the new chord root.

      Does this make sense?

      I’m mainly thinking this has to do with freeform playing, not recording a sequence, although they could go together, which it looks like some other threads here are asking for too.

      I’m looking forward to diving back in next week when I’m back!

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      It was suggested to try Passthrough mode to do this.  But I’m not sure that’s what I’m after.

      Passthrough mode would just process midi notes unchanged.  But what I’m after would be for the notes to be relative to the current Misha root.  So as you moved through misha intervals, it would effectively transpose incoming midi notes.


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      OK.  So this is how you might “do” this in pseudo code.  If it makes sense, it seems simple to implement.

      What’s needed is a way to Bypass the 0 Note moving around so the intervals play the same notes over and over.

      I assume there’s a register variable that is always keeping track of the 0 note#.  And when you press an interval key, like +3, you update the variable to +3 and then play it.

      How about you had an IF some_controller statement that skips assigning the new root?   So 0 doesn’t change so +3, +5, +7… would always be the same notes as long as you held down the controller.

      So assuming the scale is Cmaj and you pressed CC, you’d always have

      0 = C, +3  = E, and +5 = G.

      In this way you could assign a midi drum pad to the interval keys but be able to play the same note.  Let up the CC pedal and misha would function as normal and move around the chosen scale.

      So you could press CC and jam on a CMaj scale for a measure, then let up the CC, hit the pad associated with +3, press CC again and jam on Emaj for a measure, and so on.

      You’d just need to pick a CC.  It would be nice if you could setup a toggle option to set how you want the special CC to work, either as default or with CC.

      The end result would be an easy way to jam on any scale in Misha and easily make music using a few drum pads!  It would be somewhat analogous to a guitar player fretting a chord but being able to strum and pick notes independently.

      Tie it into the Tone Row sequencer and you could start to piece together song structures too


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      So here’s a video of what I’m trying to explain.

      Basically a way that lets you repeat what a given interval pad would play the first time you hit it.  And then keep playing that note and not moving up the scale.  I picture it as a kind of semi-bypass mode.

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