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               I'm having a nightmare syncing my Timefactor to my Pod XT pro because they both transmit cc's and program changes in ways that you can't just sync the tap. And POD doesn't do midi clock stuff, which isn't timefactors fault.

      But I just thought I'd put this one out there: Is there any way of getting the timefactor to pass on a tap cc but nothing else? So basically I send a tap tempo message from my Behringer FCB1010 to the timefactor, and then the timefactor passes that message on to another device, but not necessarily having to pass on any prg changes or other cc info with it. And moving the knobs on the TF doesn't send anything to the pod either

      Does that make sense?

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      Eventide Staff

      If you set TF to MIDI Thru it will not send knob changes, but there is no easy way to filter stuff coming into it – it would be too fiddly. Sorry.

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