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      Could we get access to the supermodules OR theVSigfiles of the presets in the H8000?

      (My guess is that you have made a lot of Supermodules when you have developed the Preset for the H8000.)

      Having the supermodules would also be encouraging for users to do development on their own Vsig programs (insead of having to start from scratch).

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      Eventide Staff

      You can download the sigfiles from the H8000 (MIDI/Get).  Then use Edit/Reposition to separate the modules.

      Alas, very few people use SuperModules (in part because we never created a starter library), and few of the Factory Presets use them.

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      I just managed to merge two of my favourite programs (H8000FW) into one. Did not know about Supermodules which may have saved me some time. But I thought it was more rewarding and insightful to do it without the Supermodule idea. Just beginning to see the possibilities of this box. Yes

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      Yes, this Box is amazing. I use the Supermoduls usefull for switching between two Vsig Projekts or / and large basic configurations.


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