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      I would love to be able to have my insert 1 to be always on. I run a wet/dry setup and turning a program off also turns the i”nsert¬† out” for my wet amp off. I understand that this can be fixed with an additional external footswitch set to turn both algos off but leaves the insert/program on.

      I would like to accomplish this without using an external switch.

      I can turn agos off individually in bank mode…(leaving insert active) but that requires turning them off individually.

      Maybe a global setting for inserts always on.


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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for your request, I have forwarded this to the developers.

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      I absolutely support this.

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        Thinking about this, if insert is always on it will need to detect that it has connections and if not it will need to automatically bypass the insert so the unconnected insert does not mute the signal.

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        My main reason for asking for this feature is because I run a wet/dry rig. The insert is feeding the dry amp…no return to H90…out only.

        The dry and wet amps are on all the time. At the moment, turning a program off also turns the insert off…killing the dry amp and leaving the wet amp on.

        Wet/dry/wet would also suffer the same problem.

        I assume it is possible to do as in Perform mode..killing side A and B leaves the insert active. But that us too much tap dancing for me.


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