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      I love the Saturator! I seem to be able to push it much further without obvious distortion, and although I use it more subtly that’s great for peace of mind. Really impressed.


      I can’t really imagine changing much about the sound, unless you wanted to follow KClip3 and Big Clipper into multiband territory, but there’s one change I would like in the graphics which would be really quick and simple.


      It’s just the colours, really. If I’m trying to clip transients with a certain fatness to them, the palettes are okay and readable but if I’m shaving the peaks from sharper sounds it’s impossible to read anything useful from the Waveform view. I know I should look at the meters most of all, and do, but it would be nice to make use of the visualisation too since it’s there. The colours are too close to each other in intensity, and you get the “marching ants” effect (common to inadequate anti-aliasing in video games) down the waveform too which makes it yet more unclear.


      This problem also affects Gain Curve view. It’s very hard to see if the secondary colour is going into the ceiling or how far. Better colours might help (it’s dark red on black, yellow on white, white on cyan, which are not distinct enough), but I suspect it needs a subtle glow to add fatness to the active line too and maybe added glow at the tip of the line to make it clear where it terminates. 

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      Thanks, I'll consider how to make these more clear.


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