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      Fantastic pedal, congratulations!


      I’m using it in a studio and it’s wired up to a patchbay. the way inserts work on the pedal is fantastic, I can make the h90 a central part of my old effects and connect via inserts to the DAW.


      Could we have a way of choosing input on a system level, at the moment sometimes I have a synth stereo in, all fine, but if I have a mono synth I either have to take out input jack two or multiple it to both 1+2 inputs – as on certain stereo programs you get the dry on one side. Similarly if I plug the guitar into the patchy I need to remove the other jack as can’t multi that signal in the same way as synths. would be great if you could set input one (or another) as a system preference and every patch would react as if that was the source at 1+2.

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