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      Firstly, thanks for such a great product in the H9 and the control software is great. However, due to the huge number of presets i’d love it if there were an easier way to sort them. 

      It’d be great if you could rate presets with a 5 star rating system, then you could simply rate your favourites and select them accordingly. ie, now you can sort presets based on type, date, or name. It would be great if you could easily call up just your 5 star rated ones. Also i’d like it if I could simply select the user presets in this way. ie, I want a list showing all my own user presets keeping them separate from the factory ones. (this is because I tend to never use the factory presets but tweak everything to how I want it. They then take some time to recall because I have trawl through the whole lot.

      Thanks for being a company that is so open about development and clearly listens. While i’m here i’ll add my two cents to another thread and say that I, too, would love to see a univibe preset 🙂

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