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      I recently maxed out my H9, the possibilities seem endless. 

      Any chance that the tape algo could get a wrinkle control. I love the Krinkle effect of the El Capistan, gives it that extra bit of realism. The saturation would be cool if it could go to 20.

      Basically this algorithm needs tape age, krinkle and a stronger dirt control.

      H9 desperately needs a dedicated univibe algorithm. It would be great it it had the centre control from a capt coconut and dynamic speed. A bass control to give it more throb when needed. 

      Also..the trem could use some work. I'm having trouble getting close to the Harmonic setting on a Flint.

      I really wish there was a way to create a new preset instead of adjusting one and saving it..a make new preset option would be very handy. Just go through some drop down boxes to choose the algorithm.

      Looking forward to some updates.

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      harmonic trem is still missing ?

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