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      Just received a brand-new TimeFactor, and for the most part I'm very happy with it.  There are a couple of features I'd like to see, though:

      -An option for square-wave modulation on the ModDelay program, with enough depth to get octave jumps on the delayed signal.  I was really hoping to do some David Torn-style modulated looping with the TF, and was dismayed to find that particular waveform was left out.  A text description of the available waveforms somewhere in the support section of this site would also be welcome, as I'm having some difficulty figuring out all the options from the graphic alone.

      -Reverse looping.  Your users have been asking for this since the TF was released.  *Every other* delay/loop pedal on the market that provides any sort of loop-alteration control will reverse the loop.  There's even an unused knob on the loop program (Dly Mix) that could be used as a control.  This is an inexcusable omission from a device that's marketed as a best-in-class delay/looping processor.

      -A setting to lock out the above-100% range on the feedback controls. so that those of us who are generally not interested in self-oscillation can be a little less timid when adjusting feedback on the fly.

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