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      Newbie here… I wanted to know if I can reset my presets on my Time Factor (running current version 3.5.0[4] ) without resetting back to version 2.0 the unit originally came with. I just want to make sure all default settings are set for the most resent version of 3.5.0[4]. ??

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      Yes, doing a factory reset will restore the system settings and the presets but not the installed software version.  Here are the directions for doing a reset from TimeFactor's FAQ page.

      How can I restore Factory Presets and System Settings?
      To restore Factory Presets and all System Settings, power up while simultaneously pressing the Middle Footswitch and the Encoder until [INITIALIZING] scrolls across the Billboard display. CAUTION: This function will overwrite any Presets that you've saved. If you want to be able to restore one or more of your Presets you must first save them to a computer.

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      Thank you. I just want to get to the default settings without having to update again to the latest software version.

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