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      Bozo Aus

      I recently upgraded the software on my modfactor.  Prior to this I took a back up of presets and still have the .syx file.  The upgrade seemed to restore everything back to factory settings.  

      Is there a way of opening the saved presets in H9 Control, creating a new list with the backed up presets and loading them back onto the modfactor?  The saved file and H9 control are on the same PC running Windows 7 home premium.

      Also, is there an updated list of presets for modfactor?  I seem to have different ones than prior to the upgrade


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      You can just drag and drop the syx file onto H9 Control.  It will import it and you can use the Save to Pedal function in the Preset List screen to save it to your ModFactor.

      What do you mean by an updated list of presets?  Do you want the names and algorithm types of the factory presets?

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      Bozo Aus

      Thanks for the response.

      In relation to the updated presets list I noticed that the modfactor – at least in the H9 control – appears to have additional presets such as “70’s guitar chorus” which weren’t included with the modfactor when I purchased it.  All I am after is an updated list of the presets.  The current list on the site doesn’t seem to have been pdated.  Or if an updated list is not available a listing of new presets.  This is so I don’t have to go through and audition every preset again.

      Thanks again. 

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      Here are the current Factory presets in the ModFactor:

      0001 Liquid Sweetenerchorus
      0002 Big CloneShow More...
      0003 FunkPhasephaser
      0004 Ain't Talkin 'Bophaser
      0005 Talking Backqwah
      0006 Ottawahqwah
      0007 Long Flybyflanger
      0008 Barrel Rollflanger
      0009 Bass Auto Wahmodfilter
      0010 Jupiter Reactsmodfilter
      0011 Slowly Rotaterotary
      0012 Whirling Dervishrotary
      0013 Tumbleweed Tremtremolopan
      0014 Modacitytremolopan
      0015 Swamp Moonvibrato
      0016 Warped Vinylvibrato
      0017 Quadruple Peaksundulator
      0018 Never Thereundulator
      0019 What's That Smelringmod
      0020 Guitar Drumsringmod
      0021 Polymodeliciouschorus
      0022 Chorus Bumpschorus
      0023 Phaser Wahphaser
      0024 Lou-nivibephaser
      0025 Mumblerqwah
      0026 Vintage Wahqwah
      0027 Sugarflangeflanger
      0028 Rotator Flangeflanger
      0029 Nervous Filtermodfilter
      0030 Hyperwahmodfilter
      0031 Big Fat Cabinetrotary
      0032 Hyper Rotorrotary
      0033 Special Agent Fatremolopan
      0034 Flutter Tremtremolopan
      0035 DynaVibratovibrato
      0036 Quiverervibrato
      0037 Lonesome Trailundulator
      0038 Time Lapseundulator
      0039 HellsBellsringmod
      0040 Staticringmod
      0041 LazyPhasyWahqwah
      0042 SquaremodWahqwah
      0043 PhasyWahqwah
      0044 LessEvenAutoWahqwah
      0045 VibraPhaserphaser
      0046 SawModPhaserphaser
      0047 WateryFilter Darmodfilter
      0048 WateryFilterBrigmodfilter
      0049 BubblyFiltermodfilter
      0050 ElectricityRingringmod
      0051 Ring's Tremringmod
      0052 Ring's Leslie Faringmod
      0053 Ring's Leslie Slringmod
      0054 Ring's Chorusringmod
      0055 Ring's Trem2ringmod
      0056 Ring's Trem 2 Faringmod
      0057 Trem Turns Uglyringmod
      0058 Interferenceringmod
      0059 BuzzBellsringmod
      0060 JazzyRotaryrotary
      0061 Treble Spinrotary
      0062 BassStillRotaryrotary
      0063 AutoFastSlowRotarotary
      0064 AutoFastSlowRotarotary
      0065 Pulsing Tremtremolopan
      0066 PhasyChoruschorus
      0067 ClassicFlangeSweflanger
      0068 ClassicFlangeSweflanger
      0069 PulsingFlangeflanger
      0070 PulsingWowFlangeflanger
      0071 PulsingFlange2flanger
      0072 Nervous Wahqwah
      0073 SlowSweepwithTreqwah
      0074 BigModdedPlanetSqwah
      0075 SoftChopperqwah
      0076 SubtleFlangeflanger
      0077 PulserFlangeflanger
      0078 Subtle-Drastic Fflanger
      0079 SubtleFlange2flanger
      0080 TremModFiltermodfilter
      0081 VibraVibevibrato
      0082 VibraVibe2vibrato
      0083 VibraVibyvibrato
      0084 Wah-bravibeqwah
      0085 OldTyme Radiorotary
      0086 Spaceship Rotaryrotary
      0087 Square Choppertremolopan
      0088 Chopper Tremtremolopan
      0089 HyperChopTremtremolopan
      0090 Chopdulatorundulator
      0091 Tremdulatorundulator
      0092 Dreamdulatorundulator
      0093 StoppedPhasephaser
      0094 HyperChopTrem2tremolopan
      0095 DreamyDreamulatoundulator
      0096 VibraPhaser2vibrato
      0097 DreamyDreamulatoundulator
      0098 RampChoppertremolopan
      0099 Phat Phasephaser
      0100 VibraPhasyWahqwah

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    Bozo Aus

    Thanks for that.

    I think you will find that is the original list.  There are additional presets in H9 control that don’t appear on the list you have posted.

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