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      I have a serious request for Eventide engineering and preset development. 

      Once I learn my eventide H8000FW and Vsig, can you please offer me support in cloning some of the effects in Native Instruments "Deep Reconstructions", "Deep Freq" and "Deep Transformations"?   Because it seems the same is possible to do with the modular nature of the H8000FW – so we can clone all these effects (and make them better and more original and with the characteristic sonic signature of eventide stamped on the presets!

      Because for those effects it seems somewhat easy to check out the structure of in Kore 2 by going into the routing and all the parts that are routed and modulated, but then the underlying modules become  a little bit complex because some of the stuff is based on Reaktor ensembles. which could get a little bit insane.

      If for any reason I cannot decipher these, or if I cannot create the same types of modules if they do not already exist in the eventide,  can you guys please consider the task to come up with similar effects and modules?  I went though my H8000FW and while every preset is great, I only found about 13-14 similar effects to these very outlandish NI "Deep sound-packs" effects that are absolutely crazy!

      My reasoning behind this is because the Eventide stuff is surely far more advanced and capable, so that I can have the same FX accessable Live as I have in MY DAW plug-ins and VIs.

      Please have a listen sometime to the effects I am talking about. Here they are. (Please realize that by going to the waveform with your cursor – you can forward to other raw-audio sample swith no drums to hear the effects alone).  (That is –  if you wish to hear all I am talking about in these links as I am excited to begin the task soon.   But you guys are the pros and can do it much quicker.  Each has a bunch of variations so this might take a while to listen through.

      Thanks for your patience in this matter but I am confident something positive can about from this project.

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