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      Hi, new here and to the Eventide ecosystem after decades of messing around with (mostly) lesser pedals.  Spent a lot of time in studios so I know all about them.  Bit the bullet on an H9 Max demo unit and could not be happier.   Getting set up was a breeze even for this old semi-tech-literate geezer…

      Any Rickenbacker 12-string (or 6-string) players out there that can guide me towards some cool algos and settings? 

      Right now running Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold Comp > Ibanez Tube Screamer (for my Gibsons) > H9 front end into a Fender Deluxe tube and X cab.  All is well.  Also have a higher-end Boss multi-effect pedal units wired into the Fender effects loop.  H9 and it seem to be playing nicely together: getting some sweet multi-effect blends from the two. 

      I also have a Vox AC15 but it’s being modded so I intend to run H9 into it once it returns.  A lot of the jangle comes from that (and the super-sweet GG compressor).  

      Thanks in advance!  🙂  JB

      >>Someplace Near Red Rocks>>

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